Full Disclosure

A member of the Cavalier Task Force – a volunteer advisory board charged with protecting the historic hotel and the city’s interests -- runs a firm serving as a sub-contractor for the development team.  Bill Almond is president of WPL, an engineering and landscaping firm that did survey  work on the project months before he resigned from the task force, according to records and his own resignation letter. Almond’s firm is doing landscaping on Cavalier Drive. 

The records show that on June 6, 2013, Almond attended a Cavalier Task Force meeting at which Deputy City Attorney Steve Herbert discussed expensive additions to the Cavalier Drive’s landscaping. Almond said nothing at the meeting, according to the city's official minutes of the meeting. On that same day – four hours later -- Almond attended another city meeting, this time as a member of the Cavalier development team discussing zoning issues. Participants at the meeting included city staff, along with Cavalier Hotel representatives R.J. Nutter, Almond and Rock Bell, according to the records.
This section begins with Almond’s resignation letter in September, 2013, in which he wonders if he “should continue” on the Task Force and discloses his connection to the Cavalier development team. It is followed by e-mails, land records, city easement agreements and other documents showing Almond’s involvement with the project before and after his resignation. There is no indication that any laws were broken, and the Task Force was advisory only. That is irrelevant. We expect open and complete disclosure from all elected officials, city employees and volunteer board members representing taxpayers and our city. 

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