Who, What and Where

Here are the appointment calendars of former City Manager Jim Spore, Mayor Will Sessoms and former Deputy City Manager Steve Herbert that were turned over to a state special prosecutor under a Freedom of Information Act request. The dates cover from 2009 to 2014. Note that the first three years are completely blank because the city deleted all e-mails after three years as a matter of policy. If you believe that policy is improper, contact your City Councilor today and ask for a change.

As you read these, take careful notice of meetings on October, 11, 2013 and May 23, 2014. They deal with zoning, signage and the Cavalier future vision, and scheduled participants include Mayor Sessoms and John Uhrin. The meetings took at the headquarters of Bruce Thompson's Gold Key, and took place after the Mayor announced he had a conflict of interest and could not participate in votes or discussions on the Cavalier project. At least one of the meetings took place after Uhrin's wife had joined the project in the marketing of luxury homes.

Alll three of these calendars are searchable.

Read the document here: